Mind-refinement business

Mind-refinement business“Spiritually-enriching and life style”

When suddenly something makes you smile, puts you at ease, or fills your mind with comfort…
Isn’t that the moment when a chain of compassion is born?
A society where people care about others
Refine Holdings will strive to help refine your mind through a variety of efforts in order to create such society.

To establish a sustainable society that humankind can continue to develop

“Resources” “Environment” “Mind”

Various risks from climate change are developing as a result of a radical increase in human activity.
Mitigation measures that address the constrain taken to reduce various risks only are not sufficient. Rather than considering this as constraint, change of mindset that adopt to changes and actively take actions is necessary.


Economical or material happiness does not give people true feeling of satisfaction. There is no end to economic or materialistic desires. They do not satisfy humankind on their own. They won’t enrich people’s minds.

Radical increase in human activity

What we can do to restore richness in mind

  • LTS Seminars
  • Management
  • Escape from fixed ideas
  • Establishing a sense of ownership
  • Management education to support organizations
Break the shell that hampers your confidence by overcoming barriers.
Your own happiness is determined your family and friends’ happiness. What would my role be in making that happen? How should I act?
Support awareness and decision for continuing growth.
Deep emotion and a feeling of happiness when one is touched by tradition, culture, or art. Every item has stories behind it and those stories creates value.
  • Japanese traditional culture
  • “Calligraphy”
  • “Crafts”
  • “Kimono”
  • “Fan”
  • “bags”

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