Chemical business concerning organic solvents

Chemical business concerning organic solvents“Further possibilities of organic solvents”

Nowadays, with mass environmental destruction and global warming becoming serious issues, transitioning into a sustainable society that is less burdensome to the environment is critical. We must avoid mass production and mass consumption. We have factories in Japan, China, and Taiwan, and aim to recycle Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – which cause environmental destruction and global warming. These resources can be reused by utilizing separation technology, mainly through a distillation process. The environmental business consists of two functions. One function is to refine and recycle organic solvents. The other is an environmental engineering function to design and manufacture equipment that highly efficiently recovers minor components of solvents contained in exhaust gas and wastewater. By combining these two functions organically, we propose optimal solutions for a variety of issues that solvent users face as a result of the solvent supply from wastewater.

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