Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Refine group Environmental Policy

As a global company, Refine Group recognizes global environmental issues as one of the most important management issues. We work to protect the environment and prevent pollution in our business activities in order to establish a sustainable society and highly competitive business.

  • (1) Through our business activities, we comply with laws and regulations, ordinances, and other requirements, and grasp the factors that impact the environment accurately. We also promote environmental maintenance and improvement of overall society, as well as the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems by ensuring the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • (2)In line with our environmental policy, we specifically set environmental targets and promote continuous improvement of the environmental management system to improve environmental performance. We do this by conducting operations, evaluations, and reviews from the perspective of the life cycle supply chain in every aspect of our business activities.
  • (3)We promote the development of technology for recycling chemical products such as organic solvents and the development of environmental impact reduction equipment. We also contribute to sustainable use of resources, reduction of environmental burdens in society, and reduction of waste, as well as committing to saving energy and resources.

Refine Group’s Contributions

  • (1)Carbon dioxide reduction through business
  • (2)Community contribution activities (Plant tour for students etc.)

Specific examples of community contribution activities

  • Global Environment School (once a year)
  • Wanoucho Cleaning activities such as mowing or weed removal
  • Environmental studies for local middle school students via our business