Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development Policy

Starting with the refining and recycling of various solvents that are discharged into the air or water, our business is built on pursuing technologies that benefit the global environment, such as limiting environmental burdens and preventing global warming by developing CO2 reduction technologies. We also engage in research & development that targets separation technologies and energy reduction by utilizing not only distillation technologies, but absorption technology, extraction technology, crystallization technology, supercritical technology, membrane separation technology, and the adsorption method. Particularly, we focus on exploring themes that would benefit our customers.

Future Creation Lab

Creating a spiritually rich future society

While environmental issues such as global warming and abnormal weather have become more serious, environmental constraints required are even more severe at the same time. Future Creation Lab is working on creating business that accept such constraints, rather than eliminating, and creating a society that is rich in mind by doing so.