Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

REFINE HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Management Philosophy

In order to establish a society where humankind can sustainably develop, we will refine resources, environment, and mind

Company image we are targeting

Thinking and working company that’s building the future the earth and its inhabitants

Basic Management policy

Employee satisfaction improvement

Refine Group strives to create a workplace environment that is “safe,” “considerate,” and “great to work for” and improve employee satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction improvement

Refine Group strives to improve customer satisfaction by providing technologies and services that our customers are impressed with and appreciate.

Social Contribution

Refine Group strives to contribute to society by creating new values that lead to the future and by proposing a lifestyle that is rich in heart.

Shareholder satisfaction improvement

Refine Group strives to improve shareholder satisfaction by aiming for corporate growth and profile expansion via global activities.

Action guideline


In considering the vision of the future, we will pursue the essence from every perspective, creating new values to execute and materialize.


We will continue to challenge creation of environment with new technologies and systems, using unique sensitivity and high aspirations.


We strive to have a company where everyone respects each other, prioritizes safety precautions and peace of mind, which are all essential to our customers.

Grow together

We want employees to grow together through passion and teamwork in order to co-exist and prosper with our customers.

Code of Conduct


We conduct business activities that are compliant with various domestic and international laws, societal norms, company code, and a strong sense of ethics.

Respect for human rights

We respect human rights. We never discriminate or treat people unfairly based on race, faith, ideology, gender, age, or social status.

Global Environmental Conservation

We continue to develop technologies that contribute to creating a society that recycles resources and contributes to conserving the global environment. Through business development, we will help to build a sustainable society.

Firm response to anti-social forces

We take a decisive stance to eliminate any forces that disrupt social order and prevent sound corporate activities.

Fair and free competition

We compete fairly and freely and contribute to customers and sound market development. Also, we strive to preserve transparent and healthy relationships with suppliers, industries, and local communities, allowing for co-existence and co-prosperity.